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ArchaeologyinBulgaria.com is an online English-language portal founded by Bulgarian journalist Ivan Dikov in order to provide in-depth coverage of the latest news and developments about Bulgarian archaeology and archaeological discoveries, and to promote Bulgaria’s exceptional archaeological heritage.

Because in terms of archaeology (and not only :)) Bulgaria indeed is a treasure to be discovered!


Founder & Chief Editor
Ivan Dikov

Associate Editor
Daniel Valandovski

archaeology [@] archaeologyinBulgaria.com.


One comment

  1. hi……hope you can please give me some advice regarding how to get funding to restore a cultural centre in vinograd village veliko tarvovo bulgaria…please take a moment to veiw the link and images of the village vinograd.https://youtu.be/8wq3A-4rYrM……..the property was purchased in 2008 and as yet have been unable to restore the property into my vision of the cultural centre of music and art and folk traditions of the village life and heritage…….the property has a vast studio space…..and space for visitors to stay and enjoy and participate in the village life at the same time learn traditional art and music…..the plan is to make an eco freindly enviroment and will bring people along with funds into the village…..vinograd village will prosper with the little help needed to put this site on the map….. to rebuild there village and restore village community….the cultural centre offers an opportunity for uniting the village elders and children…..please take a moment to view the link of images taken in the village https://youtu.be/8wq3A-4rYrM and help me to help by giving me if you can information regarding funding to make this project a reality….www.dianecarlyle.co.uk…thankyou


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