Scaidava Fortress – Batin, Bulgaria

The Scaidava Fortress is located on a hill overlooking the southern bank of the Danube near the town of Batin, Borovo Municipality, Ruse District, Northern Bulgaria. Throughout the ages Scaidava was an Ancient Thracian settlement, a Late Antiquity Roman fortress, and a medieval fortress from the period of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1396 AD). It has a territory of 25 decares (app. 6 acres), with a fortress wall going along the edge of the cliff. The eastern wall of the Scaidava Fortress is best preserved.

19th-century Czech-Bulgarian archaeologist Karel Skorpil believed that the fortress near Batin is identical with the castle of Sakidava/Scaidava mentioned in the so called Antonine Itinerary (Itinerarium Antonini Augusti, “The Itinerary of Emperor Antoninus”), an Ancient Roman register of road stations, between the town of Novae and the road station of Trimammium.


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