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Bulgarian, Polish Archaeologists Set for Annual Excavations of Roman Military Camp Novae near Svishtov in July

Archaeologists from Bulgaria and Poland are planning to start their annual summer excavations of the Ancient Roman military camp and fortress Novae near the Danube town of Svishtov in mid July, 2015. Advertisements

Bulgarian Archaeologists Reveal Beautiful Early Christian Floor Mosaics amidst Unpleasant Present-Day ‘Finds’ in Plovdiv’s Great Basilica

Bulgarian archaeologists and restorers have revealed beautiful Early Christian floor mosaics in the 5th century AD Great Basilica whose re-excavation, restoration, and conservation started two weeks ago in the southern city of Plovdiv.

Veliko Tarnovo Archaeologists Seek EUR 90,000 in State Funding to Excavate 6 Sites in Northern Bulgaria

The archaeologists from the Regional Museum of History in the northern Bulgarian city of Veliko Tarnovo have requested a total of BGN 175,000 (app. EUR 90,000) in government funding in order to carry out excavations of 6 major archaeological sites in the region.

Bulgarian Archaeology Chief Grieves Over Looted Necropolis of Ancient Thracian, Greek, Roman City Heraclea Sintica

The Director of Bulgaria’s National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Ass. Prof. Dr. Lyudmil Vagalinski, has expressed his grief over the fact that most of the necropolis of the Ancient Thracian, Greek, and Roman city of Heraclea Sintica near the southwestern town of Petrich has been looted by treasure hunters over the years.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Start Excavations of Early Byzantine Fortress on Black Sea Cape Chervenka

Archaeologists from Bulgaria’s National Museum of History have started their 2015 excavations of a Late Antiquity Early Byzantine fortress located on the Cape of Chervenka near the Black Sea resort town of Chernomorets.

Plovdiv Archaeology Museum Shows for the First Time Rare Thracian Helmet with Trojan War Motifs from Bulgaria’s Brestovitsa

A very rare war helmet of a Thracian aristocrat from the 1st-2nd century AD found during emergency excavations of the Ancient Thracian tumulus (burial mound) known as Pamuk Mogila in Bulgaria’s Brestovitsa in 2013, has been shown to the public for the first time in a special exhibition of the Plovdiv Museum of Archaeology.

Bulgarian Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Spear Tip Cast in Plovdiv’s Old Town Rescue Excavations

The team of Bulgarian archaeologist Elena Bozhinova has discovered a stone cast for the casting of metal spear tips from the Antiquity period during rescue excavations in the Old Town of the southern city of Plovdiv.

Bulgaria’s Cabinet Provides Major Funding for Excavations, Restoration of 5 Sites in Early Medieval Capital Pliska

Bulgaria’s Cabinet has allocated BGN 500,000 (app. EUR 255,000) for the archaeological excavation and restorations of five sites within the archaeological preserve of Pliska, capital of the First Bulgarian Empire between 680 and 893 AD, which features unique Ancient Bulgar architecture and Christian monuments such as the 9th century Great Basilica, the largest Christian temple […]

Bulgarian Archaeologists Start Excavations, Restoration of Early Christian Great Basilica in Plovdiv

A team of archaeologists and restorers has started work on the concluding excavations, rehabilitation, and restoration of the Early Christian Great Basilica in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, focusing on the temple’s unique mosaics and their exhibition in situ.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Stumble Upon ‘Oldest Children’s Toy in Europe’: Late Bronze Age Thracian Toy Stork

An Ancient Thracian bronze artifact in the shape of a stork’s head described as “the oldest children’s toy in Europe” has been identified by Bulgarian archaeologists among archaeological items found by local residents in the area of the southern town of Zlatograd in the Rhodope Mountains.

Bulgaria’s National History Museum Urges Excavation, Restoration of Great Basilica in Early Medieval Capital Pliska

Bulgaria’s National Museum of History has issued a statement urging and promoting the further archaeological excavations and restoration of the 9th century Great Basilica in Pliska, today a small northeastern town, which was the mighty capital of the First Bulgarian Empire between 680 and 893 AD.

Bulgarian Archaeologists to Search for Roman Forum of Ancient Serdica in Sofia’s Downtown

A team of Bulgarian archaeologists is going to excavate the parking lot of a five-star hotel in downtown Sofia in search for the Roman forum of the Ancient Thracian and Roman city of Serdica.

Bulgaria’s Govt to Pour Major Funding into Archaeological Excavations of Early Medieval Capital Pliska

Bulgaria’s government will allocate BGN 500,000 (app. EUR 255,000) for renewing the excavations of Pliska, capital of the First Bulgarian Empire in 680-893 AD, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has announced during the celebrations for the 1150th year since Bulgaria’s adoption formal adoption of Christianity as a state religion in 865 AD.

Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds Ancient Roman Jacuzzi Heater at ‘Luxury’ Road Station near Sostra Fortress

Bulgarian archaeologist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov has discovered a heater for an Ancient Roman Jacuzzi during the ongoing excavations of the Roman road station at the Sostra Fortress near the central town of Troyan.

Archaeologists Discover Main Aqueduct of Ancient Odessos during Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria’s Varna

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered the main aqueduct which brought water into the Ancient Thracian, Greek, and Roman city of Odessos (Odessus), the predecessor of today’s Black Sea city of Varna, during the Late Antiquity period.

Bulgarian Archaeologists to Excavate Early Christian Basilica, Roman Forum at Ancient City Heraclea Sintica

Bulgarian archaeologists are set to resume their excavations of the Ancient Thracian, Greek, and Roman city of Heraclea Sintica located near the town of Petrich in Southwest Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover More of ‘Luxury’ Ancient Roman Road Station in Fresh Excavations

Achaeologists from Bulgaria’s National Museum of History have uncovered more of what appears to have been a “luxury” Ancient Roman road station near the Roman fortress Sostra located close to today’s town of Troyan on the route of Via Trajana, a major road used by Emperor Trajan (r. 98-117 AD).

Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Funds Emergency Rescue Excavations of Ancient Thracian Burial Mound Targeted by Treasure Hunters

A total of BGN 40,000 (app. EUR 20,500) in funding have been allocated by the City Council in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv for emergency rescue excavations of a large Ancient Thracian tumulus (burial mound) located near the town of Tatarevo.

Bulgaria’s Sozopol to Celebrate 5 Years since Discovery of St. John the Baptist Relics with Archaeological Exhibit

Bulgaria’s Black Sea resort town of Sozopol is organizing a special archaeological exhibition in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary since the discovery of the relics of St. John the Baptist, which were found by Prof. Kazimir Popkonstantinov in 2010 in the Early Christian basilica on the nearby St. Ivan (St. John) Island.

Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Seeks Ownership of Early Christian Great Basilica from Central Government

The municipal authorities in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv have declared their intention to seek from Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture a transfer of property rights over the entire site of the Early Christian Great Basilica, an archaeological monument which is about to be re-excavated, restored, and exhibited as a cultural landmark and tourist attraction.