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Bulgaria Celebrates Bulgarian Alphabet (Cyrillic) and Culture on Day of St. Cyril and St. Methodius

Bulgaria and Bulgarians around the world have celebrated on May 24, 2015, the Day of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, i.e. the Day of the Bulgarian Alphabet (more widely known internationally as Cyrillic) and Bulgarian Culture. Advertisements

Bulgaria’s Culture Ministry Awards Renowned Archaeologists on Day of Bulgarian Script and Culture

Bulgaria’s Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov has awarded several renowned Bulgarian archaeologists, among other intellectuals, for their contribution to the nation’s spiritual development on the occasion of May 24, the Day of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, which is celebrated as the Day of the Bulgarian (Cyrillic) Alphabet and Culture.

Silver Buckles of Ancient Bulgar Warrior Aristocrats Displayed for the First Time by Bulgaria’s National Museum of History

Bulgaria’s National Museum of History in Sofia has opened an exhibition showing for the first time weapons, decorations, and treasures of Ancient Bulgar aristocrats and warriors from the early period of the First Bulgarian Empire (632/680-1018 AD).

Bulgaria’s Mezdra Hosts Medieval Crafts and Culture Festival in Ancient, Medieval Fortress Kaleto

The Archaeological Complex “Kaleto” in the northwestern Bulgarian town of Mezdra, which consists of the partially restored and conserved ruins of a prehistoric, ancient, and medieval fortress, has hosted a Medieval Crafts and Culture Festival dedicated to the life in the medieval Bulgarian Empire.

Bulgarian Authorities to Grant ‘Monument of Culture’ Status to Late Antiquity Fortress, Ancient Bulgar Wall on Black Sea Coast

A special commission from Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture has decided to propose a “monument of culture” status for an archaeological complex near the town of Shkorpilovtsi on the Black Sea coast consisting of a Late Antiquity Early Byzantine fortress, an Early Christian basilica, an Early Christian tomb, and part of an Ancient Bulgar wall (rampart).

Bulgaria’s Cabinet Provides Major Funding for Excavations, Restoration of 5 Sites in Early Medieval Capital Pliska

Bulgaria’s Cabinet has allocated BGN 500,000 (app. EUR 255,000) for the archaeological excavation and restorations of five sites within the archaeological preserve of Pliska, capital of the First Bulgarian Empire between 680 and 893 AD, which features unique Ancient Bulgar architecture and Christian monuments such as the 9th century Great Basilica, the largest Christian temple […]

Bulgaria’s National History Museum Urges Excavation, Restoration of Great Basilica in Early Medieval Capital Pliska

Bulgaria’s National Museum of History has issued a statement urging and promoting the further archaeological excavations and restoration of the 9th century Great Basilica in Pliska, today a small northeastern town, which was the mighty capital of the First Bulgarian Empire between 680 and 893 AD.

Bulgaria’s Govt to Pour Major Funding into Archaeological Excavations of Early Medieval Capital Pliska

Bulgaria’s government will allocate BGN 500,000 (app. EUR 255,000) for renewing the excavations of Pliska, capital of the First Bulgarian Empire in 680-893 AD, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has announced during the celebrations for the 1150th year since Bulgaria’s adoption formal adoption of Christianity as a state religion in 865 AD.

Bulgaria Celebrates 1,150 Years since Adoption of Christianity under St. Knyaz Boris I Mihail during First Bulgarian Empire

Bulgaria and Bulgarian Orthodox Christians celebrated on May 2, 2015, the 1150th anniversary since the formal adoption of Christianity as the official and only state religion back in 865 AD under the leadership of St. Knyaz Boris I Mihail (r. 852-889; 893 AD) during the First Bulgarian Empire (632/680-1018 AD).

Black Sea Resort Shabla to Attract Tourists with Bulgaria’s First Paleolithic Open-Air Museum in Durankulak Lake

Bulgaria’s northeastern Black Sea resort town of Shabla has created the country’s first open-air Paleolithic museum at the site of a prehistoric settlement on the Big Island in the Durankulak Lake, near the town of Durankulak, Shabla Mayor Prof. Rayna Bardareva has announced.

Flooding Damages Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Archaeological Preserve in Bulgaria’s Burgas, Hinders Excavations

The Ancient Thracian and Roman city of Aquae Calidae, which was known as Thermopolis in medieval Byzantium and Bulgaria, has been damaged by a flooding, Burgas Municipality has alarmed.

Bulgaria’s Tutrakan Gets EEA/Norway Grant to ‘Digitize’ Ancient Roman Fortress Transmarisca

The Ancient Roman fortress of Transmarisca in Bulgaria’s Danube town of Tutrakan will be photographed and “digitized” with funding from the so called European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants, a foreign development mechanism of the Norwegian government.

NGO Starts Fundraising to Rebuild Fortresses, Palaces, Cathedrals in Medieval Bulgarian Empire’s Capitals

A newly founded NGO has started a fundraising campaign in order to rebuild some of the most impressive monuments in the capitals of the medieval Bulgarian Empire, Bozhidar Dimitrov, Director of Bulgaria’s National Museum of History, has announced.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Come Across Late Antiquity Toilet at Burgos (Poros) Fortress, Bulgarian Royal Seal at Rusocastro Fortress

Archaeologists from the Regional Museum of History in Bulgaria’s Black Sea city of Burgas have unearthed a toilet, or latrine, from the period of the Late Antiquity during the excavations of the ancient and medieval port of Burgos (also known as Poros) on Cape Foros.

Bulgarian Police Seize Ancient Roman Archaeology Artifacts, Slab with Sumerian Motifs from Treasure Hunters

Police in the District of Shumen in Northeast Bulgaria have raided the homes of several local treasure hunters rescuing priceless archaeology artifacts, including 9000 coins, dozens of Ancient Roman statues, and a stone slab with possibly Ancient Sumerian motifs, which had been destined to be trafficked to other EU states.

Archaeologists Find Byzantine Coins, Roman Inscription in Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Preserve in Bulgaria’s Burgas

A new batch of various ancient and medieval artifacts has been discovered during the excavations of the Aquae Calidae – Thermopolis Archaeological Preserve in the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Burgas, the Burgas Municipality has announced.

Bulgarian Archaeologists, UK Students Unearth Necropolis in Major Medieval City Cherven

Bulgarian archaeologists and archaeology students from the UK have explored a new section of a previously known medieval necropolis in the city of Cherven, one of the major urban, religious, and economic centers of the Second Bulgarian Empire (1185-1396 AD).

Ancient Fortresses near Medieval Bulgarian Capital Ransacked by Treasure Hunters, Archaeologist Alarms

Two ancient and medieval fortresses located right next to Veliki Preslav (“Great Preslav”), one of the capitals of the First Bulgarian Empire (680-1018 AD), are being ravaged by treasure hunters, an archaeologist alarms.

Bulgaria’s Stara Zagora Promotes Neolithic Dwellings, Roman City Augusta Trajana as Tourist Destination

The city of Stara Zagora in Southern Bulgaria has moved to promote its top archaeological sites – its Neolithic Dwellings Museum and the Augusta Trajana – Vereia preserve, the latter notably featuring a preserved Ancient Roman forum located amidst the contemporary urban downtown.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Display Stunning Ancient Finds Snatched from Treasure Hunters, Traffickers

The Regional Museum of History in the northeastern Bulgarian city of Shumen has put together an exhibition of stunning archaeological artifacts rescued from the hands of treasure hunters and antique traffickers from the Shumen District.