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Bulgaria’s Kazanlak Starts Restoration of 2 Ancient Thracian Burial Mounds with EEA/Norway Grant

The municipal authorities in the Central Bulgarian town of Kazanlak have launched a project for the restoration of two Ancient Thracian tumuli (burial mounds) with funding from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants. Advertisements

Bulgaria’s Culture Ministry Awards Renowned Archaeologists on Day of Bulgarian Script and Culture

Bulgaria’s Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov has awarded several renowned Bulgarian archaeologists, among other intellectuals, for their contribution to the nation’s spiritual development on the occasion of May 24, the Day of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, which is celebrated as the Day of the Bulgarian (Cyrillic) Alphabet and Culture.

Bulgarian, Polish Archaeologists Set for Annual Excavations of Roman Military Camp Novae near Svishtov in July

Archaeologists from Bulgaria and Poland are planning to start their annual summer excavations of the Ancient Roman military camp and fortress Novae near the Danube town of Svishtov in mid July, 2015.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Reveal Beautiful Early Christian Floor Mosaics amidst Unpleasant Present-Day ‘Finds’ in Plovdiv’s Great Basilica

Bulgarian archaeologists and restorers have revealed beautiful Early Christian floor mosaics in the 5th century AD Great Basilica whose re-excavation, restoration, and conservation started two weeks ago in the southern city of Plovdiv.

Bulgaria’s Ancient Thrace Exhibition in Paris Enjoying ‘Enormous Success’, Louvre Director Says

Bulgaria’s archaeological exhibition on Ancient Thrace which is on display in the Louvre Museum in the French capital Paris is enjoying “enormous success”, according to Jean-Luc Martinez, President-Director of the Louvre Museum, and head curator of the exhibit.

Louvre Museum Extends Advertising Campaign in Paris Metro for Bulgaria’s Ancient Thracian Exhibit

The Louvre has extended by another two weeks its advertising campaign in the subway of the French capital Paris for its Bulgarian exhibition about Ancient Thrace which will be on display in one of the world’s top museums until July 20, 2015.

Bulgarian Institute, University of Southampton to Start Joint Exploration of Black Sea Underwater Archaeology

A large-scale Bulgarian-British project for exploring the underwater archaeology of Bulgaria’s exclusive zone in the Black Sea has been started by the Sozopol-based Center for Underwater Archaeology at the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and the Center for Maritime Archaeology of the University of Southampton.

Bulgarian Authorities to Grant ‘Monument of Culture’ Status to Late Antiquity Fortress, Ancient Bulgar Wall on Black Sea Coast

A special commission from Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture has decided to propose a “monument of culture” status for an archaeological complex near the town of Shkorpilovtsi on the Black Sea coast consisting of a Late Antiquity Early Byzantine fortress, an Early Christian basilica, an Early Christian tomb, and part of an Ancient Bulgar wall (rampart).

Bulgaria’s Ancient Thracian Tombs ‘More Unique’ Than Egyptian Pyramids, Culture Minister Deems

Bulgaria’s Ancient Thracian tombs are “more unique” than the Egyptian pyramids but are unfortunately unknown to the global public, says the Bulgarian Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov, who is a famous sculptor but a controversial political figure.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Start Excavations, Restoration of Early Christian Great Basilica in Plovdiv

A team of archaeologists and restorers has started work on the concluding excavations, rehabilitation, and restoration of the Early Christian Great Basilica in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv, focusing on the temple’s unique mosaics and their exhibition in situ.

Bulgaria’s National History Museum Urges Excavation, Restoration of Great Basilica in Early Medieval Capital Pliska

Bulgaria’s National Museum of History has issued a statement urging and promoting the further archaeological excavations and restoration of the 9th century Great Basilica in Pliska, today a small northeastern town, which was the mighty capital of the First Bulgarian Empire between 680 and 893 AD.

Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds Ancient Roman Jacuzzi Heater at ‘Luxury’ Road Station near Sostra Fortress

Bulgarian archaeologist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ivan Hristov has discovered a heater for an Ancient Roman Jacuzzi during the ongoing excavations of the Roman road station at the Sostra Fortress near the central town of Troyan.

Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Municipality Signs EEA/Norway Grant Contract for ‘Digitization’ of Archaeological Heritage

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture and the southern Plovdiv Municipality have signed a grant contract for the “digitization”, i.e. filming, photographing, 3D presentation, and web publication of Plovdiv’s archaeological and historical heritage with funding provided from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grants mechanism.

Expedition Sets Out in Search of Archaeology Sites in Bulgaria’s General Toshevo Municipality

A special expedition of archaeologists from several institutions has set out to explore the archaeological heritage of one of Bulgaria’s most remote municipalities, General Toshevo Municipality, located in the very northeast of the country along the land border with Romania.

Archaeologists Discover Main Aqueduct of Ancient Odessos during Rescue Excavations in Bulgaria’s Varna

Bulgarian archaeologists have discovered the main aqueduct which brought water into the Ancient Thracian, Greek, and Roman city of Odessos (Odessus), the predecessor of today’s Black Sea city of Varna, during the Late Antiquity period.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover More of ‘Luxury’ Ancient Roman Road Station in Fresh Excavations

Achaeologists from Bulgaria’s National Museum of History have uncovered more of what appears to have been a “luxury” Ancient Roman road station near the Roman fortress Sostra located close to today’s town of Troyan on the route of Via Trajana, a major road used by Emperor Trajan (r. 98-117 AD).

Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Seeks Ownership of Early Christian Great Basilica from Central Government

The municipal authorities in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv have declared their intention to seek from Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture a transfer of property rights over the entire site of the Early Christian Great Basilica, an archaeological monument which is about to be re-excavated, restored, and exhibited as a cultural landmark and tourist attraction.

Bulgaria, France Open Long-Awaited Ancient Thrace Exhibit in Louvre Museum in Paris

The long-anticipated exhibition “Thracian Kings’ Epic. Archaeological Discoveries in Bulgaria” (also translated as “The Saga of the Thracian Kings”; in French: L’Épopée des rois thraces. Découvertes archéologiques en Bulgarie), dedicated to Ancient Thrace has been formally inaugurated in the Louvre Museum in the French capital Paris by officials from Bulgaria and France.

Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Clears Ground for Restoration of Early Christian Great Basilica

The local authorities in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv have started clearing the area of the remains of the so called Great Basilica, an impressive Early Christian monument which will be excavated, restored, and exhibited as part of a long anticipated project funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation, a Sofia-based NGO.

Bulgaria to Complete Sofia Largo Open Air Museum of Ancient Serdica by Fall 2015

Bulgaria’s Cabinet and Sofia Municipality have launched the last two phases of the long anticipated project for creating an open-air museum out of part of the remains of the Ancient Thracian and Roman city of Serdica located at the so called Sofia Largo in the very downtown of the Bulgarian capital.