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Bulgaria’s Culture Ministry Awards Renowned Archaeologists on Day of Bulgarian Script and Culture

Bulgaria’s Minister of Culture Vezhdi Rashidov has awarded several renowned Bulgarian archaeologists, among other intellectuals, for their contribution to the nation’s spiritual development on the occasion of May 24, the Day of St. Cyril and St. Methodius, which is celebrated as the Day of the Bulgarian (Cyrillic) Alphabet and Culture. Advertisements

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Roman Villa in Rescue Excavations near Bulgaria’s Mursalevo

An Ancient Roman villa dating back to the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine the Great (r. 306-337 AD) has been discovered by Bulgarian archaeologists during rescue excavations along the projected route of the Struma Highway near the town of Mursalevo, Kocherinovo Municipality, in Southwest Bulgaria.

Archaeologists Find Huge Prehistoric Homes Burned Deliberately by Dwellers at Early Neolithic City in Bulgaria’s Mursalevo

Huge two-storey houses which were deliberately set on fire by their inhabitants have been unearthed at the 8,000-year-old Early Neolithic site excavated by Bulgarian archaeologists near the town of Mursalevo, Kocherinovo Municipality, in Southwest Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Archaeologists to Search for Roman Forum of Ancient Serdica in Sofia’s Downtown

A team of Bulgarian archaeologists is going to excavate the parking lot of a five-star hotel in downtown Sofia in search for the Roman forum of the Ancient Thracian and Roman city of Serdica.

Archaeologists Discover Late Neolithic Graves in Prehistoric Settlement in Bulgaria’s Mursalevo

Several graves from the Late Neolithic period have been discovered by the archaeologists conducting the rescue excavations of the 8,000-year-old Early Neolithic city near Mursalevo in Southwest Bulgaria.

Expedition Sets Out in Search of Archaeology Sites in Bulgaria’s General Toshevo Municipality

A special expedition of archaeologists from several institutions has set out to explore the archaeological heritage of one of Bulgaria’s most remote municipalities, General Toshevo Municipality, located in the very northeast of the country along the land border with Romania.

Bulgaria’s Sozopol to Celebrate 5 Years since Discovery of St. John the Baptist Relics with Archaeological Exhibit

Bulgaria’s Black Sea resort town of Sozopol is organizing a special archaeological exhibition in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary since the discovery of the relics of St. John the Baptist, which were found by Prof. Kazimir Popkonstantinov in 2010 in the Early Christian basilica on the nearby St. Ivan (St. John) Island.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find 3rd Skeleton in Ancient Thracian Child Sacrifice Pit, Enlist Scottish Osteoarchaeologist for Research

The skeleton of a third child sacrificed by Ancient Thracians has been discovered by Bulgarian archaeologists in the same ritual pit at the prehistoric site near Bulgaria’s Mursalevo where last week they found the remains of two Thracian child skeletons.

Renowned Bulgarian Archaeologist Prof. Henrieta Todorova Passes Away at 82

Renowned Bulgarian archaeologist, Prof. Henrieta Todorova from the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology, famous for her research of some of Europe’s earliest sites with traces of civilized prehistoric life (found in Northeast Bulgaria), has passed away at the age of 82.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Ancient Thracian Child Sacrifice during Excavations of Early Neolithic City at Mursalevo

Archaeologists conduct the rescue excavations at the the 8,000-year-old Early Neolithic city at Mursalevo in Southwest Bulgaria, which also contains ritual pits from the time of Ancient Thrace, have discovered the remains of two children sacrificed by the Ancient Thracians.

Archaeologists Start Excavating Previously Unexplored Late Antiquity Fortress near Bulgaria’s Banya

For the first time Bulgarian archaeologists have started excavating a previously unexplored Late Antiquity fortress known as Kaleto near the central Bulgarian town of Banya, Panagyurishte Municipality.

Bulgaria’s Cabinet Allows EU Funding for Rescue Archaeological Excavations in Road Construction Projects

Bulgaria’s Cabinet has adopted policy changes to allow EU funding from Operational Program “Regional Development” 2007-2013 to be used for rescue archaeological excavations as part of road construction projects.

Bulgaria’s Archaeology Institute Only Bidder in Tender for Rescue Excavations of Sofia Ring Road Section

The National Institute and Museum of Archaeology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has turned out to be the only organization bidding in a tender of the Road Infrastructure Agency to conduct the rescue excavations of a future section of the Sofia Ring Road. Bulgaria’s Road Infrastucture Agency has opened publicly the bids submitted for […]

Bulgaria’s Archaeological Excavations Underfunded by Culture Ministry, Archaeologist Says

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Culture will provide only BGN 500,000 (app. EUR 255,000) for the numerous archaeological excavations throughout the country in 2015, archaeologists Olya Milanova from the Regional Museum of History in the northwestern city of Vidin, has pointed out.

Archaeologists Resume Rescue Excavations of 8,000-Year-Old Prehistoric Settlement near Bulgaria’s Mursalevo

A team of Bulgarian archaeologists has resumed the rescue excavations of the unique Early Neolithic settlement near the southwestern town of Mursalevo, Kocherinovo Municipality, which they discovered in April-May 2015 as they were carrying out rescue digs along the route of the Struma Highway.

Treasure Hunting in Bulgaria Starting to Decline, Veliko Tarnovo Archaeologist Claims

The rampant treasure hunting destroying Bulgaria’s archaeological sites on a mass scale has started to decline in the past 2-3 years, believes archaeologist Prof. Dr. Konstantin Dochev, head of the Veliko Tarnovo Branch of the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Bulgaria’s Archaeology Institute Signs Deal with Road Agency for Rescue Excavations of 12 Archaeological Sites

The Bulgarian Road Infrastructure Agency and the National Institute and Museum of Archaeology have signed an agreement for the 2015 rescue excavations of 12 archaeological sites along the route of the Struma Highway in Southwest Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Freeze Rescue Excavations of Newly Found Early Neolithic Settlement near Mursalevo

The team of Bulgarian archaeologists conducting rescue digs at the Early Neolithic settlement near Mursalevo, which they found in May 2014, has frozen its excavations along the route of the Struma Highway for the winter period.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Early Neolithic Settlement in Highway Construction Rescue Excavations

A unique Early Neothlithic settlement dating to about 5,800 BC has been discovered by a team of Bulgarian archaeologists led by Prof. Vasil Nikolov, who are conducting rescue excavations near the town of Mursalevo, Kocherinovo Municipality, in Southwest Bulgaria, along the route of the Struma Highway.