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Archaeology Museum in Bulgaria’s Silistra Presents Newly Found Bronze Age Tools Seized from Treasure Hunters

The Museum of Archaeology in Bulgaria’s Danube city of Silistra has shown to the public for the first time a newly discovered “prehistoric treasure” of 22 copper adzes from the Bronze Age that have been confiscated from local treasure hunters by the police and the courts. Advertisements

Bulgarian Archaeology Chief Grieves Over Looted Necropolis of Ancient Thracian, Greek, Roman City Heraclea Sintica

The Director of Bulgaria’s National Institute of Archaeology with Museum, Ass. Prof. Dr. Lyudmil Vagalinski, has expressed his grief over the fact that most of the necropolis of the Ancient Thracian, Greek, and Roman city of Heraclea Sintica near the southwestern town of Petrich has been looted by treasure hunters over the years.

Plovdiv Archaeology Museum Shows for the First Time Rare Thracian Helmet with Trojan War Motifs from Bulgaria’s Brestovitsa

A very rare war helmet of a Thracian aristocrat from the 1st-2nd century AD found during emergency excavations of the Ancient Thracian tumulus (burial mound) known as Pamuk Mogila in Bulgaria’s Brestovitsa in 2013, has been shown to the public for the first time in a special exhibition of the Plovdiv Museum of Archaeology.

NGO Raises Funds to Rescue ‘Bulgaria’s Stonehenge’: Ancient Thracian Stone Circle (Cromlech) at Staro Zhelezhare

A Bulgarian NGO has managed to raise a considerable sum of money to fund the rescue excavations of the so called “Bulgarian Stonehenge” – an Ancient Thracian stone circle (cromlech) at the town of Staro Zhelezare near Hisarya in Southern Bulgaria.

Greek Man Testifies in Bulgarian Lawyers’ Trial over Treasure Hunting, Destruction of Thracian Tumulus

Greek citizen Nicolaos Uzunidis, 53, has testified before the District Court in the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Burgas in the trial of Zdravko Chepishev and Zhivko Chepishev, lawyers who are charged with treasure hunting and destruction of an Ancient Thracian tumulus (burial mound).

Scores of Treasure Hunters Pillage Medieval Fortress, Late Iron Age Settlement in Search of Legendary Bulgarian Rebel’s Gold

Over the past month, an enormous number of ruthless treasure hunters from all over Bulgaria have been pillaging several unexplored archaeological sites near the town of Vetrintsi, Veliko Tarnovo District, including a medieval fortress and a Late Iron Age settlement, reports local newspaper “Borba”.

Expedition Sets Out in Search of Archaeology Sites in Bulgaria’s General Toshevo Municipality

A special expedition of archaeologists from several institutions has set out to explore the archaeological heritage of one of Bulgaria’s most remote municipalities, General Toshevo Municipality, located in the very northeast of the country along the land border with Romania.

History Museum in Bulgaria’s Sliven Receives Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Austrian Coins Seized from Treasure Hunters

The Regional History Museum in the eastern Bulgarian city of Sliven has received from the police and judicial authorities a total of 386 coins and other archaeological artifacts from different archaeological periods which have been confiscated from now sentenced treasure hunters.

Bulgaria’s Plovdiv Funds Emergency Rescue Excavations of Ancient Thracian Burial Mound Targeted by Treasure Hunters

A total of BGN 40,000 (app. EUR 20,500) in funding have been allocated by the City Council in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv for emergency rescue excavations of a large Ancient Thracian tumulus (burial mound) located near the town of Tatarevo.

Bulgarian Prosecutors Charge 3 Men with Treasure Hunting Digs in Ancient Roman Military Camp Novae

Three men from the District of Pleven in Northern Bulgarian have been charged with treasure hunting on the territory of the Ancient Roman legionary base and city Novae located near today’s Danube city of Svishtov, Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry has announced.

Stolen Ancient Roman-Thracian Silver Mask Helmet Returned to Archaeology Museum in Bulgaria’s Plovdiv 20 Years Later

An Ancient Roman and Ancient Thracian mask helmet, which was stolen from the Museum of Archaeology in the southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv back in 1995, has now been returned, Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office has announced.

Bulgarian Treasure Hunter Receives Jail Sentence over Digs in Ancient Roman City Ratiaria

In a rare occurrence, a Bulgarian treasure hunter has been sentenced to a jail term for digging for archaeological artifacts in the Ancient Roman arsenal city of Colonia Ulpia Ratiaria located on the Danube in the northwestern District of Vidin.

Bulgarian Archaeologist Finds 5000-Year-Old Relief from Ancient Mesopotamia among Artifacts Seized from Treasure Hunters

A 5000-year-old stone relief from Ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia has been identified by Bulgarian archaeologist Prof. Nikolay Ovcharov among the impressive artifacts confiscated recently from treasure hunters and antique traffickers by the police in the northeastern Bulgarian city of Shumen.

Bulgarian Police Seize Ancient Roman Archaeology Artifacts, Slab with Sumerian Motifs from Treasure Hunters

Police in the District of Shumen in Northeast Bulgaria have raided the homes of several local treasure hunters rescuing priceless archaeology artifacts, including 9000 coins, dozens of Ancient Roman statues, and a stone slab with possibly Ancient Sumerian motifs, which had been destined to be trafficked to other EU states.

Bulgarian Lawyers Go on Trial for Treasure Hunting, Shattering Ancient Thracian Burial Mound

Bulgarian twin brothers Zhivko Chepishev and Zdravko Chepishev, who are lawyers and town councilors in the southern town of Devin, have gone on trial for treasure hunting and destroying an Ancient Thracian burial mound with an excavator back in 2011.

Bulgaria’s Yambol District Registers 87 Newly Found Archaeology Sites in Single Year

A total of 87 new archaeology sites of various size and age were discovered in 2014 in Yambol District in Southeast Bulgaria, the head of the Yambol Regional Museum of History, Stefan Bakarzhiev, has announced.

Ancient Fortresses near Medieval Bulgarian Capital Ransacked by Treasure Hunters, Archaeologist Alarms

Two ancient and medieval fortresses located right next to Veliki Preslav (“Great Preslav”), one of the capitals of the First Bulgarian Empire (680-1018 AD), are being ravaged by treasure hunters, an archaeologist alarms.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Find Roman Navy Veteran’s Diploma in Ancient Settlement

A fragment from a Roman Navy veteran’s diploma is one of the exciting finds uncovered by Bulgarian archaeologists during the 2014 excavations of ancient necropolises, Stefan Bakardzhiev, director of the Yambol Regional Museum of History, has announced.

Bulgarian Archaeologists Display Stunning Ancient Finds Snatched from Treasure Hunters, Traffickers

The Regional Museum of History in the northeastern Bulgarian city of Shumen has put together an exhibition of stunning archaeological artifacts rescued from the hands of treasure hunters and antique traffickers from the Shumen District.

Bulgaria’s Heraclea Sintica Sees Influx of Tourists Interested in Ancient Archaeology

The ancient city of Heraclea Sintica located near the town of Petrich in Southwest Bulgaria has seen its number of visitors double in the recent year.